17. January 2020

Fem Circle Tour with Pink Iceland

Fem Circle Tour

09:00 - 16:00
Make the most of your time in Iceland and tick all the boxes on the distinctly feminist Golden Circle Tour. You’ll see the famous erupting Geyser, The National Park, Tectonic Plates, and Iceland’s most famous waterfall. We’ve teamed up with one of Iceland’s most respected travel companies, Pink Iceland, to provide this tour. Pink Iceland is a queer-owned, female-led company and your tour will highlight some of Iceland’s feminist history.
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Alba - Bíó Paradís

ALBA, an 11 year old girl, has to move to her father's house due to her mother's illness. She barely knows him and sharing time with him at home feels weird. Both are shy, both feel lonely but they can't find a way to approach each other.

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Networking Party - Nordic House

19:30 - 21:30
Networking Party at the Nordic House. Together we can do everything! European Woman's Audiovisual Network (EWA) and Women in Film and TV Iceland (WIFT) will introduce their networks. The film industry thrives on networks so let's meet up and chat with like minded filmmakers and create collaborations between countries and beyond borders.The Party is hosted by The Nordic House in Reykjavík and the Nordic embassies in Iceland.
This is a free event.

Snow Woman - Bíó Paradís

One snowy night, in a mountain hut, Minokichi, a hunter, sees a snow woman kill his mentor Mosaku. “Should you tell anyone, I will take your life” she says, then drifts off. A year later, Minokichi meets and marries a beauty named Yuki. She bears him a daughter, Ume. 14 years pass and Ume blossoms into a radiant lady who befriends a sickly Mikio, the village leader’s son and Mosaku’s distant relative. Mikio soon dies in the same hut as Mosaku, with his body showing the same frostbite scars. Minokichi is reminded of that horrid night, and wonders what it was that he saw, and who Yuki really is.

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