18. January 2020

Fabúlera - Marina Hotel

11:00 - 14:00
Designed and run by global script lab expert, Gabrielle Kelly, Fabúlera is a short film script lab designed to develop a story that can be made into a short film. Says Kelly, a screenwriter and producer of content for the global marketplace, “From the 12th century onward, storytelling in Iceland was the chief form of entertainment with tales and legends passed down in the long cold nights. This history, combined with the bold vision and supreme talent of its contemporary artists is at the heart of Fabúlera.”
This is a closed event, for participants only.

Brynja is having the time of her life in a foreign country when all of a sudden her world is turned upside down. She finds herself standing at a crossroad; fight or flight. On her way, she meets women from all over the world that have found themselves in the same situation. The film Islandia is based on a true story.

Following the screening the film’s director will join a panel discussion headed by moderator Paula Gould. Special guest speakers from UN Women Iceland, The Feminist Association/ University of Iceland and The Icelandic Women’s Rights Association to discuss specific aspects on the topic of gender-based violence.

In an effort to help women across the globe, RVK Feminist Film Festival will be accepting donations for the tickets, all proceeds will go towards UN Women to fund women who have been impacted by gender based violence. We will collect donations prior to the screening, suggested amount begins from 500 ISK.

This is donations only event, please secure your spot here.


Geena Davis Key Note - Marina Hotel

16:00 - 17:00 - Kaffislippur
Wendy Guerrero, program manager of the women-led Bentonville Film Festival which focuses on the work of women directors, will speak about how film /media stereotypes affect the lives and leadership ambitions of girls and young women, based on a new research from the groundbreaking Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media.
This is a free event.

Discussions with Nordic Female Filmmakers - Nordic House

17:00 - 18:00 How is the identity of women featured in recent Nordic films? What is the position of women in the Nordic film industry? Nordic filmmakers discuss these issues among themselves and with the audience. Moderator: Karólína Stefánsdóttir, producer.
This is a free event.

Mr. Jones centers around Welsh journalist Gareth Jones who, after his famed interview with Adolf Hitler, gets to travel to Russia in 1933 to uncover the truth of the seemingly successful ‘Five Year Plan’. Although restricted to Moscow he travels unofficially to Ukraine to witness the real horrors of Russian actions there.

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The Island Funeral Q&A - Bíó Paradís

Three Bangkok youths travel to Pattani province to visit a long-lost aunt. On their way deeper into the militarized south, they find their light banter turned to unease as their surroundings become increasingly politically and religiously charged. The three will come to experience stranger lands than they ever thought they could find in their own country.

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