An unhappy, single mother is suddenly reminded of where true happiness is to be found and given.

Director: Tinna Hrafnsdóttir
Country: Iceland
Genre: Drama/Family
Year: 2016

Director - Tinna Hrafnsdóttir

Tinna Hrafnsdóttir is an Icelandic director, actress, scriptwriter, and producer. She studied literature and writing at The University of Iceland, she’s an alumnus of Iceland University of the Arts, Reykjavik University (MBA), TIFF Filmmakers Lab, and runs her own film production company, Freyja Filmwork. Tinna has written and directed two award-winning short films, Helga 2016 and Munda 2017, and her first feature, Quake, which is now in post-production. Tinna is currently developing her first mini-series, Home is where the heart is, among other projects.


RVK Feminist Film Festival