Helgi á Prikinu

The sweet Helgi Hafnar visits the café Prikið daily with a smile on his face. Everyone likes to embrace him because he has an exceptionally loving presence. Director: Magnea B. Valdimarsdóttir
Country: Iceland
Genre: Documentery
Year: 2020

Director - Magnea B. Valdimarsdóttir

Magnea Björk Valdimarsdóttir is a documentary film director. Known for her short films Kanarí, Helgi á Prikinu. Hverfisgata and Bónuskonur. She is currently working on her first feature length documentary "Every Day Heroes". It is a story about four different women that have that in common to have lived in Iceland for twenty years. They are originally from Bosnia, Jamaica, Polland and Turkey. The film will be ready in the fall 2021.


RVK Feminist Film Festival