Is This My Life?

We meet a young, troubled man, Gulli, as he confides in a journalist about his shady life, where substance abuse plays the lead part. Throughout the film he tells us about his questionable circle. Who is on top of the pyramid, who are the middle managers and who they pray upon to get their way. Gulli tells the journalist about one fateful night when his dear friend Stína, who has been sober for some time drove him to a remote party so that Gulli could clear his debt with one of his drug dealers. At this party we witness sexual abuse, manipulation and heavy drug abuse. When things are not going the way his dealers want, the night unfolds in a devastating way, a way no one could have expected.

Directors: Jokka G. Birnudóttir, Pétur Guðjónsson og Úlfhildur Örnólfsdóttir.
Country: Iceland
Genre: Drama
Year: 2020

Directors - Jokka G. Birnudóttir, Pétur Guðjónsson og Úlfhildur Örnólfsdóttir

Jokka G. Birnudóttir was born in Eyjafjörður, north of Iceland, 1971. Jokka has been around theatre since she was 13 years old. For three years she ran her own street theatre and has taught many children acting. Jokka has written a few scripts but “Is this my life?” is the first and only short film she has directed.

Pétur Guðjónsson was born in Akureyri in 1971. He has a diploma in event management, has taken a number of courses related to acting and is currently a student at Rose Bruford College in theatre studies. Pétur works as an event manager, acting teacher and director. In last years, he has staged productions as a writer, producer and director. Is this my life? is his first and only short film.

Úlfhildur was born in 1991, raised in the countryside of northeast Iceland, currently living in Akureyri. She got interested in theatre at 18 and has been involved with many theatrical projects ever since, whether on or off stage. She has worked with several theatrical companies along with having been on the board of her local amateur theatre company for almost 8 years. She has taken several courses related to acting and directing. Úlfhildur is currently an art student at Menntaskólinn á Tröllaskaga and will graduate this spring. Is this my life? Is Úlfhildur’s first and only short film.


RVK Feminist Film Festival