Janka is an intimate portrait of Janina Ochojska - founder of the Polish Humanitarian Action. Animation intertwines with the document, the past with the present. Childhood determined by a serious illness leads the heroine to a unique approach to life.

Director: Adela Kaczmarek
Country: Poland
Genre: Documentary, Biography
Year: 2019

Director - Adela Kaczmarek

Adela Kaczmarek was born in 1985 in Warsaw (Poland). She graduated from Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, the Graphic Arts Department. Her diploma film, " Bay" (2008), made at the Professor Jerzy Kucia's Animated Film Studio, won a Special Award at the Polish Festival of Original Animated Films (OFAFA) in Krakow and Grand Prix at Animation Film Festival "Field of view" , Center of Contemporary Art "Signs of time" in Toruń (Poland) . She debuted with a short film " The Full Sun" (2012). In 2012 she participated in the POLSKA.DOC seminars organized by Society of Creative Initiatives "ę" , where she made “ The Governance of Love” . The film won Grand Prix at Short Waves Festival 2013, Special Mention at DOXA Documentary Film Festival in Vancouver and Grand Prix at O! PLA Film Festival.


RVK Feminist Film Festival