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Lift Like a Girl

From a scrappy, vacant-lot training site in Alexandria, Egypt to the Olympic Games, 14 year-old Zebiba ("raisin" in Arabic) stands at the precipice between childhood and weightlifting champion - guided only by her dedicated yet relentless coach, Captain Ramadan, and her own competitive edge. Can she make the leap?

Director: Mayye Zayed
Country: Egypt I Germany I Denmark
Genre: Documentary
Year: 2020

Director - Mayye Zayed

Mayye Zayed is an Egyptian independent filmmaker who was born in Alexandria in 1985. She studied Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering in Alexandria University. She studied independent filmmaking in many workshops including the Jesuits Cultural Centre's workshop in Alexandria in 2009/2010. Then she was granted a Fulbright scholarship to study cinema and media studies in Wellesley College in USA in 2011/2012 which also enabled her to take the comparative media class "Innovations in Documentary" in MIT. She is a film director, producer, director of photography and editor. In 2013 she co-founded Rufy's; an independent film production house based in Alexandria, Egypt.


RVK Feminist Film Festival