Sara has it all: a well-paid job, wonderful friends and a stylish apartment that she shares with her long-term girlfriend. Somehow she still feels there is something missing and not even the plans to start a family keep her mind from wandering to secret poetry writing and a not-so-secret affair. Itʼs hard to hide in a small community. When she manages to wreck her whole existence in a single day, Sara feels she has to escape from the rumors and from her own failure. With a suitcase full of emotional baggage she moves to a new country, hoping that the magic of Berlin will help her figure out what she wants.

Director: Júlía Margrét Einarsdóttir
Country: Ísland I Germany
Genre: Drama
Year: 2021

Creators - The Lost Shoe Collective

Norms is a passion project of the women of the Lost Shoe Collective, a female-led filmmaking collective based in Iceland and Berlin. Written by Sólveig Johnsen and directed by Júlía Margrét Einarsdóttir, the treatment and storyline for the production was uniquely developed in a week-long writers´room which took place in the north of Iceland involving all the women of the collective sharing their personal experiences and those known to them. Out of this collaboration a drama with a strong comedic edge transpired as well as a flawed but relatable queer female protagonist. The collective was particularly keen to confront stereotypes faced by Icelandic women in their late 20s and minority communities through immersive character-driven storytelling. The series was filmed in the autumn of 2019 in equal parts in Iceland and Berlin, with women also the majority in cast and film crew. Music for the series was sourced from up and coming female Icelandic singers and producers. The core of the underground artistic urban culture native to Berlin and Reykjavik is also visualised in the original opening credits which feature street art found in both cities. The cinematography of the series enhances this tone while the wardrobe for the protagonist was picked from the racks of Berlin´s notorious independent vintage clothing stores.


RVK Feminist Film Festival