Official Selection Docs - Nordic House

This year RVK Feminist Film Festival has two officially selected documentaries

Nordic House

19. January

14:30 – 16:15 


Behind the Shutters by Raverdy Messaline

Starting with an empty factory, a family name and a trunk of archives, the poetic stroll of an apprentice film-maker who moves in her grandmother's house. A reverie about oblivion and the invisible, woven of scattered materials, archival documents and language games, for a film-book wondering about the transformation of the female body, the question of an impossible transmission and the fabric of time.

Band Geeks by Morgan Elliott

In less than four months 220 teenage performers will step on the world stage at the pinnacle event for Marching Bands. These teenage musicians are disciplined, motivated and talented. The stakes are high. They have one chance to get it right. The countdown clock is on for the Rose Parade. There will be frustration and set-backs mixed with joy and excitement as they prep for the biggest parade in their marching career. Told from their point of view, as these teenagers try to balance the emotional and physical pressures of being world-class performers with home, school, and work life.