One Day in Budapest

Director - Clarisse Charrier

Clarisse Charrier is a young filmmaker from France, who recently relocated to Iceland. Total book-worm since her early childhood, she graduated from modern literature at la Sorbonne, in Paris. Clarisse then decided to get into documentary screenwriting, continuing her studies in visual anthropology. In 2016, she entered the National Audiovisual Institute (Bry-sur-Marne) in Documentary directing. In parallel with her graduation, she joined the team of InFocus, working as an assistant to awarded director Amirul Arham. Clarisse was a team member until 2018, involved in documentary projects development, and assisting directors such as Henri Quenette ‘Love me Tenderloin’ and Youtuber Valentin Fournaise. Simultaneously she began working as a freelance filmmaker, developing her career independently. Passionate about the art industry, opportunities showed and took her down the path of directing music videos for labels such as ‘Label Chanteloup’, theatre companies ‘Tout un Ciel’, bands live sessions for ‘Ornicar’, and festivals ‘Cinéma du Réel and RVK FFF 2021’. Clarisse takes every opportunity to move and discover the world, inspired to create by her travel bug. She has directed a sound documentary in Budapest ‘One Day in Budapest’, co-directed a documentary short in Finland ‘Meisnerizing’; and wrote an animation movie in Canada ‘Moon Gazed’ which has been selected for the RVK FFF 2021 Script Lab ‘Fabulera’. In addition to the project ‘Moon Gazed’, Clarisse is currently developing a podcast series, ‘In the Locker Room’, which focuses on women’s relationship’s to their bodies through the prism of various locker rooms. Along with a documentary called ‘Don’t be sad, Get Mad’, about Anna Lachino from the punk-rock band ‘MonkeyRat’, discussing women in art and psychological resilience.


RVK Feminist Film Festival