Rainsbow´s End

Bíó Paradís
19. january
Show time: 17:30

Dive into the lives of a mother, daughter and son as they experience crime, gender issues and the use of power. The director takes us on a journey to the icelandic consciousness as we explore the family’s inner torments in an unusual way.

Length: 112 min
Country: Iceland
Category: Drama

Pimpaka Towira is an independent film director, screenwriter, and film producer. After graduating from university, she worked on a film production but found it disappointing and turned her focus to film critiquing. Her feature film debut came in 2005 with ‘One Night Husband’ which got it’s premiere at Berlin International Film Festival and was screened in several other festivals all over the world. In 2015 she made her second feature film, ‘The Island Funeral’ which has gathered numerous awards throughout Asia. Pimpaka has made several short films over her career, many of which have been quite successful, such as ‘My father’ (2010), ‘Mother’ (2012) and ‘Prelude to the General’ (2016). Pimpaka Towira’s films include fiction, political commentary and everything in between.