Reykjavík Marina

12. January

Opening party

12. January - 20:30

Join us at the opening party to celebrate the start of this year’s festival and be the first to taste our festival’s cocktail, made with juniper gin, tonic bitters, rasberry syrup, violet liqueur and citric acid. 

The duo DJ Glókollur will perform during the party. 

Maria Shorts - Slippbíó

12. January - 21:30

Shorts by South American women, ranging from experimental, narrative to documentaries.

The Forest Gardener, directed by Bárbara Cal

Marco, directed by Julia Baumfeld

Toro, directed by Michelle Barreto and Iago Mati

The Day When Helena Killed The President, directed by Fernanda Estevam

The orgasm is in the brain, directed by Analu Bambirra

We’re not who we used to be anymore, directed by Patrícia Sá

Runtime/70 minutes

13. January

Olivia Shorta - Slippbíó

13. January - 15:00

Shorts by women from all over the world, from USA, Spain, France, Poland and Turkey.

The Lesson, directed by Alisa Selishchava

Mary Anne & Frank, directed by Jingjing Tian

Bazigaga, directed by Jo Ingabire Moys

Eden House, directed by Adelina Borets

Juliet’s Journey, directed by Fadik Sevin Atasoy

Between, directed by María Castillo

Runtime/99 minutes

Let's talk feminine horrors - Slippbíó

13. January - 17:40

14. January

Queer Cinema and Theory Talk + Q&A

14. January - 14:00

Tamar - Israeli Shorts - Slippbíó

14. January - 15:00

Let Us Be Seen - Feature Doc - Slippbíó

14. January - 21:00

Let Us Be Seen is a feature documentary about grassroots feminism in Belfast, featuring activists, artists and educators in the North of Ireland.

Directed by Elspeth Vischer

Runtime/80 min

15. January

Turnip Kids Cinema - Slippbíó

15. January - 15:00

LARP for Social Change - Smiðjan

15. January - 17:00