Short Docs

Author Unknown

Director: Dögg Móses

A documentary about female composers in Icelandic culture, from the time of the settlement to the present day. The film discusses the theory that musical pieces titled “author unknown” are in fact composed by women.

Amelie, Dora and Zohra

Director: Ds


Director: Cr

About film:

In The Locker Rooms : The Gym (episode 1)

Director: Clarisse Charrier

About film:
Have you always been eager to know what women discuss in the privacy of locker rooms? This podcast will grant you access to this mysterious place, and to the intimacy of the women who agreed to talk about their relation to their body, their complexes and gender oppressions.

One Day in Budapest

Director: Clarisse Charrier

About film:
Close your eyes, and enjoy a stroll through the vibrant city of Budapest…


RVK Feminist Film Festival