SISTER Short Film Selection 2020
Nordic House - 19. January 16:30 - 19:45


I´m sorry by Lovisa Lára (16:39 min)

Everyone thinks Addy is in the perfect relationship with her girlfriend Salka. When Addy witnesses her friend help another friend from an abusive relationship, Addy is forced to look at the flaws in her own relationship.

Behind Closed Curtains by Hanna Jónsdóttir (19:52 min)

Sexuality, cross-dressing, bullying and secrets. But firstly this film is about identity. The three main characters; Terje, Are and Gunnar are dealing with different battles in their lives as their paths crosses and all tackle the obstacles in their own way.

Last Summer byÓlöf Birna Torfadóttir (19:23 min)

Sandra just started work in a meatpacking company for the summer. The Boss is not the most patient man, the foreman is a bit off and the staff in general are just plain weird. On the other hand Sandra has much bigger things going on back at home, where her parents are lost in denial while there's a serious problem in the living room.

Gone by Helena Jónsdóttir & Vera Sölvadóttir (15:58 min)

Who is living your life when you are not there? Gone is a humorous little thriller that gives us an unusual insight into one man’s journey into dance of live.

Daughters by Vala Ómarsdóttir (17:43 min)

A single mother of two daughters seeks to find salvation from her struggles in the form of love while the teenage daughter rebels against her responsibilities with unforeseen consequences for the three of them.

IIOII by Rakel Jónsdóttir (09:00 min)

A mesmerizing voyage into the realm of the psyche. Silently flowing movements due to alternating attractive and repulsive forces, generated by a periodic magnetic field originated from within. Resonating between two extremes.

Split by Ólöf Birna Torfadóttir (21:46 min)

Anna Maria is a complete door mat in life who allows anyone to walk all over her up until that point when something must take over.


Waves by Jessie Ayles (04:35 min)

Filmed in Cape Town's notorious Lavender Hill, Waves explores the perspective of three young girls growing up in one of South Africa's most violent communities.

I went to Miami and hit my Head by Marie Louise Taarnskov (12:12 min)

A video piece showing the director's search for balance and inner peace in the fast pace world we live in, after suffering from a concussion. The project reflects on her search for a sense of harmony in an illness with no tangible cure and the current fixation on our society to use “mindfulness” as a quick fix for our problems, although there is nothing easy or quick about mindfulness. Combining smartphone footage, screencaptures, DSLR footage and typography, the director intends to represent the different mind states she experienced during the four months of concussion.

Tie me up by Andrea Sand Gustavson
(15:26 min)

A first time Mother struggling through post partum depression is challenged to rediscover her sexuality after observing something through the window of a neighbouring apartment.

The Promise by Paula Gustafsson (16:00 min)

Maj-Briht and Helle are both over 80 years old when they finally are married in church. Before the priest, they promise to love and cherish each other ”in sickness and in health”. But shortly after the wedding, Helle falls seriously ill from a stroke. Since Majsan herself has physical disabilities, Helle is forced to move to elderly care. Maj-Briht misses her and does everything in her power for them to be together as much as possible.

Zygota by Shira Kela (05:30 min)

This film explores the haunting embodiment of the mind’s behaviour. Just as the baker kneads bread, so does an individual’s mind mould his physical experience. Weaving feminine metaphors throughout the narrative landscape, the film encompasses our inner struggle. Once we have let go of the past and peeled the layers of separation to the core, we arrive to the primordial beginning of life in its purest form, the serenity of finding what we have long forgotten: zygota.

Family Hour by Mariia Ponomarova
(11:30 min)

Sunny August day, almost midday. It's time for family visits on the summer camp near Kyiv. Danya (17) is hoping for his estranged father to show up and get together after the long separation. Father arrives at the camp gate earlier than expected and the meeting is pushed outside the camp gate. While bearing father’s unfunny jokes, Danya has to grasp the real meaning of their family bonds.

Don‘t Burst my Bubble by Victoria Malinjod
(04:45 min)

The short film is about puberty based off of real testimonies from many women globally. A unique glimpse into the life of a young woman experiencing the world in a new light. Our film peers into a specific phase in a woman's life during puberty which has been often overlooked by men.

The Wedding Cake by Monica Mazzitelli
(03:44 min)

A young woman is forced to become a prostitute in order to settle her ex-husband’s debts. Her destiny is narrated through Playmobil figurines and a wedding cake that disappears along with the woman’s illusions.