Snu is Danish and the founder of D. Quixote, publishing books that dared to challenge the censorship of the Salazar regime. Francisco is one of the most charismatic Portuguese politicians. Both are married. He has five children and she has three. Snu Abecassis meets Francisco Sá-Carneiro on January 6, 1976. They fell deeply in love and decide to embrace this love in a Portugal in complete political reconstruction from the fascism ashes, shaking the traditional conventions.

Director: Patrícia Sequeira
Country: Portugal
Genre: Drama/History/Romance
Year: 2019

Director - Patrícia Sequeira

Patrícia Sequeira is a prominent director from Portugal, having directed dozens of TV series as well as a few films. Sequeira started her career in the film industry in Production but soon switched to working as a Script Supervisor of TV programs. After seven years of experience in live shows, entertainment and fiction contents, she debuted as Director with the first Portuguese edition of Who Wants to be a Millionaire? She has directed and co-directed many telenovelas and directed a miniseries in Brazil. She wrote several short films and has worked for a lot of TV channels. She left her personal mark on many award winning TV series as well as in the telenovelas that changed the panorama of audiences in Portugal. In 2014 she created her own production company, R.I. Filmes, and with it her first feature film Jogo de Damas which debuted in 2015. The film was very well received both nationally as well as internationally and won numerous awards.In recent years, she also has been the Artistic Director of telenovelas, and has signed works in Advertising.


RVK Feminist Film Festival