The spring poem

The spring poem

Petra is a young director and a single mother, who is trying to normalize her life after the divorce. She is preparing to make a film about the poet Desanka Maksimović. Her father’s death stirs many processes in her, which she has not yet been aware of. She is invited to her 15th prom anniversary in her hometown and her best friend is getting married in Ada Bojana. Petra gets romantically involved with Vuk and then her life becomes an emotional and sexual roller coaster. After the wedding, while lying naked on the sand Petra goes through some kind of catharsis. She releases herself from the pain and the butterfly that follows her through the entire film, finally goes away. Her conscience is set free now, she is ready to spread her wings.

Director: Natalija Avramović


Natalija Avramović was born in 1983 in Kruševac. She graduated from the Academy of Arts at the Department of Film and Television Directing. She is a permanent employee of Filmski novosti, and as a director, screenwriter and editor she has signed 15 feature-length documentaries. The Spring Poem (2021) is her feature debut.

The Spring Poem