The Weimar Conspiracy

THE WEIMAR CONSPIRACY (2007). In this amusing and inquisitive piece, Berg takes what could be the record of any tourist of a string of visits to the houses of illustrious men and monuments of Weimar, providingit with a structure and adding a spoken narration. Weimar, let's not forget, is a fundamental spot in German history. It was home to writers such as Goethe and Schiller, philosophers such as Nietzsche, and a hot spot during the Nazi years. The voice-over shows us a visitor who ignores all that past while roaming through a theatrical place emptied of content to serve tourism. The result is two-faced analysis: on one hand, the validity of the legacy of this historical and cultural heritage, and on the other, the banality in this way of preserving and spreading it. - Elena Duque, Sevilla European Filmfestival 2019

Director: Lene Berg
Country: Norway
Genre: Documentary
Year: 2007


RVK Feminist Film Festival